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Crating Wildlife Models

This model of a Blue Footed Boobie Bird is part of a traveling exhibit for the American Museum of Natural History. As with many wildlife models, we need to contend with many delicate parts such as the feathers, feet, tails, etc.. We also must consider how the piece...

Packing a Custom Made Doll House

We've all seen a dollhouse before, but the dollhouses out of FAO Schwartz in NY is a whole different story. They are incredibly detailed and in some cases, miniature replicas of the customer's home, right down to the same room decorations and furniture. When packing,...

Packaging Native American Sculptures

This was certainly unique. A 14' long, 700-pound Native American sculpture and matching "feasting bowl" needed to be shipped back to the original sculptor in Washington State. The first challenge was picking them up. It was a long day traveling out to the eastern tip...

“Just Strap it to a Pallet.”

Why is it that when we are asked to "Just strap it to a pallet", we try to offer a higher level of packing?  Take a look at the photo below.  This item originated elsewhere but made a pit stop at our facility to get repacked when the "strap it to a pallet" method...

Our Number One Fan!

Craters & Freighters of New York & New Jersey | Airborne Labs International, Customer Testimonial. Watch Video:

Marble Top Tables – Some Assembly Required

As nice as it is to open a package containing your new purchase assembled and ready to use, sometimes that isn't the best way to get it to you safely. For example, the four end tables shown are topped with a heavy piece of marble. The best way to ensure they arrive...

How am I Going to Get That Out of the Crate?

So, a 1500 pound crate arrives and you don't have a forklift. What do you do? Just let us know in advance and we can build a custom ramp for the equipment to roll out of the crate. The equipment shown below is used for laser eye surgery so it is a safe bet that the...

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